Fur re-invented

Canadian Fur Design Competition 2011

third Prize: sabrina khan

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Vancouver

In many ways, Art Nouveau was a response to the Industrial Revolution: a time when artisans, architects and designers struggled to synthesize age-old traditions and art forms with exciting new technologies.The romantic forms we associate with Art Nouveau became a synonymous with luxury, and many eschewed the clumsiness of cheaply mass-manufactured goods, choosing instead to create beautiful objects of high craftsmanship that would, they hoped, endure the ages.

Special Thanks to Canadian manufacturer Natural Furs Int'l for technical assistance

As we enter a new decade in a young millenium, many feel suffocated by the wasteful and impersonal nature of ''fast fashion". Fur, once luxurious for its cost, has found new meaning - an integral part of many communities and cultures, a pelt will pass through many skilled hands as it finds new life as a garment. With lines inspired by both the romantic forms of Art Nouveau, and minimalist futurist aesthetic, the Modern Artifact jacket pays homage to the artisans and designers working to create enduring fashion for the new millenium, and the discerning consumers who appreciate them.

NAFA vice-president Diane Benedetti and Fur Council president Paula Lishman  presented winning students with awards at a special ceremony at NAFFEM


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