First prize | Alessia-Rose Legault | Cegep Marie-Victorin, Montreal
Second Prize | Mal Abenir | George Brown College, Toronto
Third Prize | Adrian Baduria | George Brown College, Toronto

First prize | Alessia-Rose Legault | Cegep Marie-Victorin, Montreal

The theme of ``responsibility`` particularly spoke to me since I strongly believe in the importance of ensuring responsible, ethical and environmental practices to preserve the planet and nature. People are often misinformed about real fur and have a very negative perception of those who use or wear natural fur. To illustrate that, I opted for heavy, loose silhouettes to represent the weight of our responsibility to encourage the ethical production of the furs we use. The very ample and excessive side of my designs is a metaphor for the often difficult choice of designers between real and fake fur.
I use a play of different materials, for example: wool that morphs into Fox to illustrate how the appearance of fake can evolve into something totally natural, like fur. The technique of intertwining of materials (navy and khaki mink and a Merino wool red thread) I use to decorate the pieces represent the intimate union that exists between a noble material such as fur and the person who wears it. The rectangular eye pattern refers to the recycling symbol, but also to the vision, full of hope, that designers cast on ethical fur. The lines are red and vertical to show how we can and should "cross the red line", which means a ban.

Vêtement 1
Veste très ample avec capuchon multifonctionnel qui comporte de larges manches. Sur le devant et le dos, il y a un dégradé de matière. La laine se transforme en renard . Une technique d’entrelacement de matière (du vison navy et kaki, ainsi qu’un fil rouge de laine de mérinos) vient décorer les manches.

Vêtement 2
Manteau à grand col rabattu. Il est de forme rectangulaire et se double également en sac de couchage lorsque le col est relevé et fermé à l’aide de ses ganses. Il comporte un gilet asymétrique matelassé avec un embossage au motif d’oeil rectangulaire. Le tissus est un coton brossé avec des appliqués de longues bandes de fourrure de vison afin de créer un motif de surélevé.

Vêtement 3
Survêtement de sport agrémenté de manches en fourrure, inspiré des uniformes militaires et des habits de sport. Utilitaire, avec ses nombreuses poches pour représenter l'autosuffisance minimaliste. Le pantalon taille haute possède de profondes poches latérales.

Second prize | Mal Abenir | George Brown College, Toronto

For me, the definition of responsibility is that you have the ability to act and make decisions without anyone’s authorization. In other words, you’re your own boss and no one should tell you what to do. As a fashion designer, it is my creative responsibility to stay true to myself and my style. However, my responsibility as a designer is much greater than these obligations to myself. I must consider the impact of my designs on others and the earth. It is my responsibility to design clothing ethically, and consider the full procedure for each garment, and the effects that it has. It is our responsibility to ensure that my designs are sustainable and leave a minimal environmental footprint. When working with fur, the treatment of animals and the effects on the environment must be considered. It is essential that the animals are treated humanely.

Garment 1:
The first girl is wearing an electrifying, bold, puffer detailed coat with non-sheared and sheared sliver fox fur with blue dyed sheared raccoon on the sleeves with a touch of red on the center. The sleeves have letter fur patterns that is sewn on to a different type of fur. The lettering is sheared and dyed. This sporty chic look with an intense boss-lady silhouette represents that she is a strong independent, fierce woman that deserves the best. She has integrity, duties and responsibilities to make each and everyone feel empowered. This makes the main garment of the collection

Garment 2:
They say, “When in doubt, wear red”, THEY ARE RIGHT. This next piece shows a red, slimming, outfit with quilted, puffer detailing and attached strips of grey fox, beaver and raccoon. The shoulder piece silver fox to add the luxurious feel to it. The garment has patch pockets with bold letters. This is the type of garment is for a woman who has a sense of style and boldness and knows she is powerful with her looks and her image.

Garment 3: Inspired by the North American Football attire with a little bit of avant-garde aesthetic. The outfit has a lot of sexiness and edginess into it. Who says Fur can’t be sexy? This outfit has racoon, grey fox and silver fox furs on the sleeves and shoulders with lacing by the legs. The lettering says “Level Up” because in order to be a strong boss, you always have to level up.

Third prize | Adrian Baduria | George Brown College, Toronto

For the theme responsibility I was inspired by the game of chess. The queen the most powerful piece in the game and she is responsible for protecting her king and that is why for my design I designed something that showed the power and beauty a queen possesses. Along with the queen there are two pieces that I consider her tip confidants, the Knight and Bishop. Just as in real life in the game the knight provides assistance to the queen and the bishop provides knowledge, that is there responsibility. All in all wanted to make a line that shows how strong women are because the are responsible for leading many things in life and I know this due to my mother. 

Garment 1 : "The Queen" is inspired by aristocrat/British royalty. The top piece is an overcoat, the main fur is red fox, the hood is coyote and the bottom trim is blue dyed squirrel tail.

Garment 2 : "The Knight Pays Hommage to Joan of Arc". The overall colour scheme of this outfit mimics a Knight's amour. The top piece is a layered felt jacket with coyote fur sleeves. The under is a knit body suit with a bottom half being sheer fabric.

Garment 3 : "The Bishop" is inspired by the catholic bishop. The top piece is an asymmetrical midriff with the left half being raccoon and the right half is an exaggerated sleeve with a flounce covered in raccoon fur. The bottom half is an asymmetrical knit skirt.