First prize winner - Helen Yan - George Brown College, Toronto

2nd Prize - Marie-Pier Bergeron - Cégep Marie-Victorin, Montréal

3rd Prize - Carla Nina - Seneca College, Toronto

First prize winner - Helen Yan
George Brown College, Toronto
Garment#1 is the girl who wears an embroidered fur jacket and a black skirt. Inspired by the sun, the jacket is constructed with mainly grey, silver fox fur and pop of red futon the sleeve. Also, a littlest of coyote and silver fur are used the skirt. She is the representation o "Passion", like fire, she is bold and confident.

Garment#2 is the girl in a fur coat. Inspired by the lands and mountains, her coat is made with rows of silver fox fur and black beaver fur. Coyote fur are used on the bottom of the sleeves. Raccoon fur is used to decorated the sleeves as well. This girl is the representation of "Nature". She is calm and peaceful. She integrates herself in to the nature.

Garment#3 is the girl in a bell sleeve cropped top and fur lantern shorts. Inspired by the Tibetan culture and fashion, her top is constructed with clean, white silver fox fur. Her shorts are made with mixed black beaver hairs and grey fur. She represents "Freedom". She's elegant, caring and independent. She is always searching for a new journey.

Second Prize Winner - Marie-Pier Bergeron
Cégep Marie-Victorin, Montréal

Garment 1
Cette silhouette est entièrement faite de fourrure.La partie des épaules - en renard argenté de couleur "Colombine" avec des insertions de couleur "Arlequin" pour créer des motifs.Les autres parties du manteau sont faites en castor rasé. Les fourrure de teintes "Polichinelle" et "Scaramouche" seront entrelacées afin de créer de la texture. La fourrure de couleur "Arlequin" créera des chevrons qui seront placés en alternance selon l sens de leurs poils.

Garment 2
La deuxième silhouette porte une robe ajustée (en lainage) avec un empiècement entièrement fait de renard argenté. Sur cet empiècement de couleur "Colombine" il y aura des insertions de renard argenté de couleur "Arlequin".

Garment 3
Cette robe de couleur "Polichinelle" en lainage est ajustée et a des épaulettes volumineuses. Les parties de devant et de dos seront faites de castor rasé de couleur "Scaramouche". Ces deux parties seront faites de bandelettes entrelacées.

 Third Prize Winner- Carla Nina
Seneca College, Toronto

Garment 1
A sleeveless coat with asymmetric toggle buttons across the body. On the waist, the fur will be dyed in bright red colour and styled with black vinyl belt. The inside of the coat is finished with kasha lining. The Back of garment would be combination Tan/Grey Coyote fur with 2 Fox tails on the belt. This coat is made from Red Fox and Lynx with feathering techniques.

Garment 2
An off-shoulder sweater with combination of black vinyl in triangle shape on the waist area and fringe detailing on the hem. Also, it has toggle buttons along the front and hem area as a design detail. To add contrast on the garment, Lynx Fur is included on the back upper waist, then finish it with kasha lining. This sweater is made from Red Fox and Lynx Fur with feathering techniques

Garment 3
A cropped sweater with toggle buttons design details across the back and front body. Along the toggle buttons and the side of sleeves will have dyed fur in red colour as a trims. This sweater is made from Red Fox with feathering techniques.