First prize winner - Best all-over design Iris Alibali - George Brown College, Toronto

2nd Prize - Creativity & technique Kim Fortin - Cégep Marie-Victorin, Montréal

3rd Prize - Marketing potencial Karine Laperrière - Cégep Marie-Victorin, Montreal

First prize winner - Best all-over design
Iris Alibali - George Brown College, Toronto

"Squaw" Full Fur Coat-Silver fox, white fox and coyote raccoon
The "Squaw" coat is inspired by native Canadian textile and colors. Staying true to the theme it is a projection of western ideals of femininity onto the First Nation's women.This is evident in the lacing up of the coat reminiscent of corsets and other shape-weargarments in enhancing the waist and the bust of the wearer in pleasing the male gaze.

"Lace Up" Dress- Silver Fox, Red Fox, Green Suede
The "Lace-Up" dress pays homage to the first French Occupiers with extravagant sleeves, an elaborate removable cascading  "Ruffle" fur collar, and an exotic red fox hat.  It maintains the native Canadian nuances with the colors of the lace-ups.

The "Cavalry"-Coyote, white mink, fox
The "Cavalry" coat is a reference to the British Occupiers and their vast presence in the Canadian landscape as occupiers. It features a red suede cavalry jacket with an open back and a large mix fur collar with "mohawk" sleeves. The skirt is a melange of native colours and textiles with the lace-up backs.