The Fur Council of Canada and the International Fur Trade Federation offer Canadian fashion design students the unique opportunity to explore the creative versatility of fur, and work with this marvelous luxury material that has charmed top international designers.

REMIX - Canada can lead the winner to participate in

For 2019, the main overall riding theme of the competition is 'RESPONSIBILITY'.
All applicants must express this theme creatively in their own designs and tell us what the concept of 'responsibility' means to them in fashion.

Three finalists will be selected based on their:
  • Creativity
  • Design Innovation
  • Fur Working Knowledge & Technique

Please note that each participating designer must submit 3 sketches. The primary garment should be a full fur look and the 2 supporting garments should be inspired by the first one.

The winner* will have a maximum of $3000 to produce the 3 pieces
. Following are the prices of each fur type available to create the 3 competition pieces. Production costs should be taken into account at the design level.
*Only the winner of the REMIX Canada competition will be asked to produce the winning “primary” garment and compete in the REMIX Global Fur Design Competition. The TWO runners-up will receive a certificate and promotion. 
Get inspired by the natural beauty of silver fox, beaver, red fox, coyote or raccoon
to reinvent fur your way!

Fur Type -- Price per skin
Beaver (sheared) -- $135.00 - $175.00
Beaver (long hair) -- $70.00
Coyote -- $90.00 - $135.00
Raccoon -- $60.00 - $80.00
Silver fox -- $175.00
Red fox -- $70.00 - $100.00

October 15th, 2018: Deadline to submit sketches

If you have any questions, please contact us here

Download PowerPoint presentation: