Fur re-invented

Canadian Fur Design Competition 2011

First Prize: Johana Zara

Art Institute of Vancouver

''... even when I'm a mess, I still put on a vest with an S on my chest "- Alicia Keys, lyrics from ' Superwoman' As I Am Album

Chocolate brown curls, one keyboard, and an empowering voice that captures the heart of strong, hard-working woman - Alicia Keys can make anyone feel like a superwoman. Inspired by her natural talent, this garment targets women between the ages of 18-30 who are independent, creative, and passionate.

Special Thanks to Canadian fur manufacturer Jean Crisan for technical assistance

The combination of natural beaver fur and a chocolate chiffon fabric combines warmth with cool - during a chilly night out, throw on a sweater under the vest, or during a warm spring day, wear it with a lightweight lace top. The voluminous fur collar is made entirely of beaver fur, as well as the front vest (inspired by the keys of a grand piano). The back is made out of 100% polyester chiffonand reveals a portion of her outfit that normally would be hidden under a regular vest. Luxurious silk lines the interior of the vest-front. Also located on each side of the interior-front panels, are single-buttoned pockets. Lastly, a center-front zipper and 2 side pockets complete the garment.

NAFA vice-president Diane Benedetti and Fur Council president Paula Lishman  presented winning students with awards at a special ceremony at NAFFEM


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